Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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New Santé Restaurant jazz series will highlight male vocalists in October

A new Wednesday evening “vocal-centric” jazz series at Santé Restaurant launched earlier this month, with a full room listening to vocalist Karen Oxorn and guitarist Tim Bedner. It continues in the weeks ahead with an uncommon lineup of talented male jazz vocalists.

Nicole Ratté  and Tim Bedner performed songs in all three official languages: English, French, and Jazz on September 17, in Sante Restaurant's new jazz series. ©2014 Brett DelmageThe new series, curated by Bedner. arose from a series of sessions his trio played at the restaurant during the Ottawa Jazz Festival in June, as part of the Downtown Rideau BIA's festival-related programming. Prior to that, Santé Restaurant presented eight mainstream and Latin jazz duos in 2012.

On Wednesday, September 17, when I heard Nicole Ratté perform with Bedner, the restaurant was approximately half-full of diners, who were reasonably quiet and appreciative, allowing me to clearly hear the music where I sat, almost at the back of the room.

Dominique Forest will be featured tonight. She's presenting a sneak preview – indeed the first live performance – of a few original songs from her upcoming first CD, which she will release in January. Bedner has been working with her on the project and was very excited when speaking about them, describing them as “beautiful, beautiful songs.”

In October, Bedner will play with a number of experienced male jazz vocalists singing in a variety of jazz styles, starting with Steve Berndt on October 1, followed by Jerry Sociedade (Oct. 8), and Floyd Hutchinson (Oct. 15).

“I wanted to try to get more guy vocalists out but they are few and far between,” Bedner said, amused.

Rounding it out, and keeping both genders represented, Grace Hrabi (Oct. 22) and Betty Ann Bryanton (Oct. 29) will also join him to fill out the month's five Wednesdays.

    – Brett Delmage

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