Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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Craig Pedersen talks about the Pedersen Essoudry Wellman Trio playing freely

Craig Pedersen, Linsey Wellman, and Mike Essoudry played free improvisation to an appreciative audience at the Umi Café on Sunday, July 18. They were surrounded by instruments that all found their place at one time or another in the music: xylophone, kalimba, clarinet, cymbal, drum, bells, bass clarinet, alto sax, trumpet, laptop, and various electronics, which allowed sampling and looping the instruments. One piece was inspired by a crossword puzzle clue (15 down, "aquatic larvae"), and featured original water sounds Craig had sampled in BC. editor Alayne McGregor talked with Craig Pedersen at the end of the show.

Craig Pedersen (trumpet), Mike Essoudry (clarinet), Linsey Wellman (bass clarinet) play freely with a whole lot of instrumental choices at the Umi Café. ©Brett Delmage, 2010Listen to the podcast [mp3, 4 minutes, 3.5  MB]