Friday, June 23, 2017
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Mentoring evenings return to Café Paradiso

John Geggie mentors a young musician at the first Café Paradiso mentoring series, 2009 September 28. ©Brett Delmage, 2009Local jazz guitarist and organizer Tim Bedner is excited about the launch of the second year of jazz mentoring evenings at Café Paradiso, starting this month.

The evenings provide opportunities for students and developing jazz musicians to play with experienced jazz musicians in a real setting, in front of an audience.  The experienced musicians provide feedback to the students in between the several songs they play together. The audience gets to listen, sip their favourite beverage, and enjoy jazz music – with no cover or tuition fee.

In the first half  of the series, participants will be mentored by double bassist John Geggie in September, guitarist Roddy Ellias in October, and pianist/trombonist Mark Ferguson in November.

This year, the number of students participating each evening has been reduced to three.

"I want the mentors to dig a little deeper," said Bedner, describing this year's improvements. "I don't want it to seem like it's rushed, or to run too late. The students will get more hands-on."

For the opening evening, Bedner has a variety of musicians lined up to play with Geggie: a guitarist who is also often seen listening intently at many local clubs and events, a talented vocalist, and young pianist who participated at the Carleton University Jazz Camp.

Last year, Geggie provided feedback in his usual, carefully considered and thoughtful manner, that was not only welcomed by the participants but by everyone who had come to listen. Clearly, the mentoring series can be appreciated by musicians and listeners alike who want to dig a little deeper into the music.

    – Brett Delmage

Read the event listing for September.

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