Sunday, June 25, 2017
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Marching band drums up interest at the 'Fest

Marching band drums up interest at the Jazz Festival. Photo © Brett Delmage.

The Festival marching band made its second tour of Confederation Park under rain-free skies on the second-last day of the Ottawa International Jazz Festival. Led by Petr Cancura, the band included some of Ottawa's most active and accomplished jazz musicians: Mike Essoudry, Mark Ferguson, Linsey Wellman, and Nicholas Dyson, and others. A range of instruments, from bass drum to sousaphone to soprano sax, gave a full sound.

The marchers delighted the limited audience late afternoon Saturday, who had not yet arrived in large numbers for the evening shows. Perhaps a march from The Market to Confederation Park, as was done many years ago, might give greater exposure to this fun musical presentation and The Festival.   — Brett Delmage.  Photo © Brett Delmage.