Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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CDs in every style released (Ottawa-Gatineau Jazz in 2012)

Local jazz or jazz-related groups released twelve CDs of their music in 2012, down from 2011.

Tim Bedner's first CD attracted considerable airplay on college radio stations across North America.It was a year of firsts - five were first releases (Tim Bedner, Capital Vox, Go Long!, Back-Talk Organ Trio+1, and the Chocolate Hot Pockets).

The albums range right across the jazz spectrum, from free improv to jazz choirs to crossovers to mainstream.

Putting out a CD is an expensive and time-consuming effort for jazz musicians, which is obvious if you compare the 2011 and 2012 lists. Only Craig Pedersen and Lucas Haneman had CDs out in both years. In fact, you could call each of these CDs a labour of love.

    – Alayne McGregor

Please let us know if we have missed any 2012 Ottawa jazz CDs, and we'll update this list.