Wednesday, June 28, 2017
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JazzFest 2010: Free OLG Stage returns with local artists, unusual music

Two enthusiastic festival fans enjoy the vocalist workshop and cabaret seats in the OLG stage in 2009. Photo ©2009 Brett DelmageThe Workshop Series returns to the OLG covered stage next to Elgin street for its second year of interesting and sometimes quirky musical themes. It will be brought to life by some of Ottawa's best jazz musicians. The series is free, but listeners wishing to attend could be challenged by its recurring workday timeslot of Friday – Wednesday – Friday. For listeners who don't want to miss the series, the scheduling does have the benefit of not competing with other (main stage) programming. A noontime concert will precede each day's workshop. With the covered, cabaret style seating (with tables), expanded to 325 seats this year, listeners can come with their lunch at noon and comfortably enjoy four hours of free music, even if it rains.

The editorial team attended this series in its entirety last year and greatly enjoyed it.

The series will again be curated by composer and multi-instrumentalist Petr Cancura (NYC – Ottawa), who has been a regular participant in the Ottawa Jazz Festival and its winter series in recent years.

"He started that last year, and he's doing a tremendous job of bringing in some young musicians, and of course Peter is known in New York and he's very talented. He does a very very good job," said festival programmer Jacques Emond.

Friday June 25 - 1 to 4 p.m.

Double Trio – In or Out

Two trios battling it out, in a friendly kind of way. An acoustic trio lead by Mike Essoudry meets a quirky keyboard-vocal trio lead by Mike Dube.

Out of Africa

The roots of so much of our music comes out of Africa. The Mighty Popo of Rwnada will host this incredible mix of musicians from Africa and a few a few open-minded jazzers.

Rythm of the Song

This repeat theme from the first year features three vocalists, including Elise Letourneau and Christine Fagan, and a rhythm section.

Elise Letourneau and Petr Cancura will return to the OLG Series this year.   photo ©2009 Brett Delmage

Wednesday June 30 - 1 to 4 p.m.

JazzWorks originals

Featured in this workshop are some of the most creative artists under the JazzWorks umbrella, who will explore the theme “Originals”.

New Directions

John Geggie, Olivier Fairfield and some very special guests will explore the theme of New Directions. Whether we see the old in a new way or simply turn in a new direction, the quest for the sounds of tomorrow take shape.

Once in a Blue Moon

Roddy Ellias and Petr Cancura come together with three percussionists… just strings, reeds and drums. Once in a Blue Moon will explore the power of melody and rhythm.

Friday July 2 - 1 to 4 p.m.

The Paperphonics play a paper marimba at a Carleton University student performance on 2009 Dec. 3.   photo ©2009 Brett Delmage

It's Only a Paper Balloon: the Balloon Orchestra meets Paperphonics meets jazz

Under the direction of Jesse Stewart, the Balloon Orchestra and Paperphonics, ensembles that make music from balloons and paper will join several contemporary free jazz players. The musical results will be unlike anything else.

The Paperphonics play a cardboard tube marimba at a Carleton University student performance on 2009 Dec. 3.   photo ©2009 Brett Delmage

The Bottomless 4tet

Mike Tremblay leads a workshop with saxophone, two brass, and percussion. What happens when you take all the bottom end out? When all you have is three unique voices, the pulse and texture of percussion, and the art of improvising?

Skewed Lines

Rules are made to be broken and Lines are there to be skewed. This is the theme of a workshop lead by two talented individuals: Adam Saikely and Wayne Eagles. An Electro-acoustic journey will take place skewing the lines of improvisation and composition.

  – Brett Delmage