Saturday, May 28, 2016
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Won! Tickets to hear Petr Cancura's Crossroads with guest Ian Tamblyn at the NAC Fourth Stage

Congratulations to Brent Ingalls, who won  a pair of tickets (a $70 value!) to hear Petr Cancura's first Crossroads concert, with guest Ian Tamblyn at the NAC Fourth Stage on Friday, November 20 at 7:30 p.m. The tickets were generously donated by NAC Presents.

The NAC Presents series has mandated Petr Cancura to take a jazz-based approach on the songs of Ian Tamblyn, Lynn Miles and Jeremy Fisher with a carefully picked band of masterful Canadian jazz artists who are well-known to Ottawa jazz fans: double bassist John Geggie, guitarist Roddy Ellias, drummer Greg Ritchie (from Montreal) and of course, multi-instrumentalist Petr Cancura.

Read our interview with Petr Cancura about the series, Ian Tamblyn and Petr Cancura are outside their comfort zone mixing jazz and folk

The skill testing question was "Why do you want to hear Ian Tamblyn perform with Petr Cancura, Roddy Ellias, John Geggie, and Greg Ritchie? Spelling counts."


Won! tickets to hear the Guillaume Martineau Quintet at the NAC Fourth Stage

Congratulations to Clara Ballantine, who won the pair of tickets to hear Radio-Canada's Révélations jazz artist for 2015-2016, The Guillaume Martineau Quintet at the NAC Fourth Stage on October 24, 2015. The tickets were generously donated by NAC Presents. Tickets to the show may be purchased on the NAC website.

Read our interview, Révélations artist Guillaume Martineau is a marathon pianist

The correct answer to the skill testing question, At which post-secondary institution did Martineau study jazz? was Berklee College of Music in Boston.


Won! A pair of tickets to hear jazz singer Steve Berndt featuring pianist Brian Browne

Congratulations to Clara Ballantine! She won a pair of tickets to hear Ottawa's popular jazz singer Steve Berndt together with the incomparable jazz pianist Brian Browne on Friday, September 25, 2015 at the NAC Fourth Stage. Steve Berndt generously donated the tickets.

The correct answer to our skill testing question: What style does the duo perform in? was "the minimalist 'Tony Bennett/Bill Evans' style".