Live jazz in Ottawa-Gatineau on Saturday, September 21, 2019

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Thursday, July 31, 2014 - 7:30 to 9 p.m.
Free. In case of rain, the show will be cancelled. Bring your own lawn-chair.

  • Dean Pallen – saxophones
  • Gerg Horvath – stand-up bass
  • Carlos Santana – piano
  • Arien Villegas – drums

Rimbombante is an Ottawa-based band that delivers a high energy show that draws on the influences of World-Music, Latin and jazz styles and a broad range of pop music influences from Brian Wilson to David Byrne. In the spring of 2013, Rimbombante released their very well received Maria has Lost Her Soul, a collection of catchy and energetic originals that Yahoo music describes as creating a "hybrid style that straddles multiple cultures and shows universal magnetism".

In addition to Rimbombante the musicians of the group have been involved in some of most creative jazz, Avant-Garde and World-Music groups in the Ottawa region including Kingdom Shore and Raivo. This summer Rimbombante will record its follow up record to Maria has Lost Her Soul that that will be called Car Crash.

Rimbombante est un groupe basé à Ottawa composé d’une majorité des musiciens originaires de l'Amérique latine, formé en 2008. Rimbombante se distingue par un son panaméricain avec des influences de samba, de salsa, de jazz et de la musique populaire anglo-américaine. Très polyvalent, Rimbombante offre une musique qui va de l'impulsion douce du boléro à des rythmes plus énergiques qui plaisent immanquablement à la foule. Rimbombante a produit deux albums et se prépare actuellement à enregistrer une suite à l’album Maria has lost her soul.

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Parc de l'imaginaire (outside)
facing the Aylmer Marina
beside Le Centre d'expostion L'Imagier, 9 Front Street
Aylmer, Quebec

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