It requires significant effort to publish new content most days in a year, year after year, with weekly performances of interviews, news stories, photo sets, videos and more, on top of the 2300+ accurate and comprehensive event listings each year.

We incurred a bit of burnout this summer, and so took some time to step back, recharge, and review.

I'd like to thank everyone who expressed concerns about us this summer, including those who stated that our work was invaluable. We'd sure be glad to hear from our audience not only when we are taking a break, but also when we are actively publishing daily. Knowing that specific content we produce is not only read or watched by you, but is also valuable to you, energizes us and sustains our efforts. Sometimes we feel we're publishing written and visual content in a void, and that's very discouraging.

Our first Jazz Favourites Poll this spring was quite successful, thanks to considerable participation by jazz fans. Unfortunately, developing and running the poll and publishing the results delayed our annual funding campaign which sustains our operation, until it was too risky to start it. We would have been running into the Ottawa Jazz Festival and summer. Our previous community funding campaign was held in May-June 2013, more than one year ago. We operated on less than $14/day donor funding since for more than a year (to May 31 this year), but even at that rate the cupboard has now been bare since before the start of summer. That has been difficult.

We're launching our deferred yet essential funding campaign by mid-September. Your support will allow us to continue to bring jazz fans the most comprehensive and accurate event listings, artist interviews, concert reviews, concert photos, video documentaries and more. If you have donated in the past, we extend our sincere appreciation and hope that you will again help us promote and document the jazz scene – and most importantly, bring two friends with you. There are still many jazz fans who are familiar with our publication's benefits but have not yet supported our production costs.

Behind the scenes, we've been working hard on updating the website software and event lists, to make our extensive content easier to access and more fun to read on all kinds of devices, from your cellphone to your large screen monitor or TV set. We're really looking forward to unveiling it. Stay tuned!

We'll be launching our new website with our new article format, followed by the newest listings of Ottawa-Gatineau jazz events. If you are a musician or live music presenter, please start sending us your listings.

We'd be delighted to hear from you about our first five years. Did our interviews or event listings help you discover (or not miss) a musician or performance that you would have otherwise missed? Did a review (photos) help you relive an enjoyable experience? Please let us know.

Brett Delmage
publisher and dishwasher,