Wednesday, July 21, 2010 - 7:30 to 10 p.m.
Free. In case of rain, the show will be cancelled. Bring your own lawn-chair.

  • Karen Young - vocals
  • Éric Auclair - double bass, electric bass, sampling

Quand le jazz rencontre l'électronique; la collaboration entre Karen Young et Éric Auclair incarne la convergence de deux générations transposant la poésie Beatnik au 21e siècle.

The merging of two musical universes and two generations of artists, Karen Young and Éric Auclair reinvent the classic bass / voice duo and offer a new vision of electro-jazz. A welcome convergence bound together with words of infinite compassion for human nature. A surprising journey through the music of words and the poetry of sound.

Karen Young has been singing jazz in Quebec since the 1970s. "Karen Young is a singer with an exceptional voice. To see her on stage was for me an experience of unforgettable intensity. I've rarely felt so much strength and candor coming from one voice. Like Dee Dee Bridgewater, she seizes this freedom that only jazz performers can handle. From jazz to medieval, this deliciously beautiful woman, easy-going and natural, full of life and humour, offers her talent like a gift, sharing moments from History, poetry carried by bewitching melodies. Bewitched is what happens when you let yourself carried away by the voice of Karen Young. Hurry to experience it before she decides to stop!”  - Nathalie Bernier, Magazine Voir (2007)

Initially trained as a classical percussionist, Eric Auclair found his unique acoustic bass style – a surprising mixture of harmonic and percussive sounds – while playing with the Thuryn Von Pranke jazz trio. Very rapidly, he accompanied known Quebec jazz artists such as Michel Cusson, Yannick Rieu, and Karen Young. He also collaborated, on stage and on disc, with several artists and groups from Quebec (Daniel Belanger, Pierre Lapointe, Paul Piche) and from France (Patricia Kaas, Diane Tell). By means of an impressive collection of sound samples of his own creation, Eric has recently emerged as a leading force in electro-acoustic music. Co-founder of the Trio Eric Auclair, the duo Young-Auclair, and the group C:BE, Eric has also played with Intakto (tango), Haïku (japanese music) and on several film and television musical scores.

Parc de l'imaginaire (outside)
facing the Aylmer Marina
Aylmer, Quebec