Merrickville’s Jazzfest

Title Created Date's Pick of the week for October 13 to 19: Merrickville's Jazz Fest 13 October 2016
The 2016 Merrickville's Jazz Fest gets funkier and celebrates John Lennon 10 August 2016
Allison Au Quartet's original music warmly received at MJF 3 November 2015
Diane White expresses her love of Sixties music in jazz 3 November 2015
Five Ottawa musicians co-operate in exploring their compositions (review) 28 October 2015
The Miguel de Armas Latin Jazz Quartet and the Horizon Quintet create a dancing groove at MJF 2015 27 October 2015
Carlos Alberto Santana draws from Mexico and Brubeck in a happy concert (review) 21 October 2015
Fern Lindzon Trio wins over MJF audience with original approach to familar songs (review) 20 October 2015
A fun Night on the Town with Richard Page's band at Merrickville's Jazz Fest (review) 20 October 2015
Alex Pangman swings the ballroom at Merrickville's Jazz Fest (review) 18 October 2015
Steve Berndt and Brian Browne keep evolving their collaboration at MJF (review) 17 October 2015
Rousing traditional New Orleans jazz opens Merrickville's Jazz Fest's 5th 16 October 2015
Fern Lindzon is always thinking about the lyrics, even with Thelonious Monk 15 October 2015
Pick of the week for October 15 to 21, 2015 14 October 2015
Allison Au strives for perfection, but embraces imperfection 7 October 2015
Alex Pangman embraces traditional swing, this "lovely, melodic, lyrical" music 30 September 2015
Merrickville's Jazz Fest pass awarded! 10 September 2015
Merrickville's 2015 Jazz Fest embraces jazz with Juno nominees, jam-packed program 2 September 2015
Merrickville's Jazz Fest Day 3: polished vocals and joyful instrumentals 23 October 2014
Merrickville's Jazz Fest Day 2: crowded with music 23 October 2014
Merrickville's Jazz Fest Day 1: full houses and happy listeners and dancers 18 October 2014
Merrickville's Jazz Fest Day 2: Packed with music 18 October 2014
Norman Marshall Villeneuve brings his Message to Merrickville 17 October 2014
Awarded! a pair of passes to attend Merrickville's Jazz Fest! 16 October 2014
Adam Daudrich Trio at MJF: melodic and propulsive with a solid bass 16 October 2014
Blossom Dearie tribute is 'hip' at Merrickville's Jazz Fest (video) 15 October 2014
Brian Browne is MJF's first and busy artist-in-residence this year 14 October 2014
Sun Crescent Barbecue Stompers bring The Big Easy to Merrickville 13 October 2014
Merrickville's Jazz Fest starts in 10 days 7 October 2014
Merrickville's Jazz Fest features new artists, and some greatest hits, for its 4th year 18 September 2014
Some praise, some sorrow at jazz festival programming 9 May 2014
Won! A pair of tickets to a concert at the Merrickville Jazz Fest 17 October 2013
Merrickville's Jazzfest 2013 17 October 2013
Merrickville Jazz Festival announces its third annual line-up 12 August 2013
Merrickville Jazz Festival 11 October 2012
Merrickville Jazz Festival 15 October 2011