Title Created Date
The Record Centre spins a 24-hour nonstop live 'Jazz Ramble' on Tuesday 10 June 2016
William O'Neill: a guitarist talks about his love of big band music 25 May 2016
Andrew Ferderber's A+ graduation performance, and how he got there 18 May 2016
Fawn Fritzen takes a fresh approach to jazz standards 4 May 2016
Karen Oxorn reflects 60 years of loving music in her concerts this weekend (podcast) 25 January 2016
Gaby Warren: a jazz fanatic steps to the other side of the footlights 17 May 2013
Renée Yoxon: making Dave Frishberg her pal 19 April 2012
Pulse Mondiale warms up the Winter 2012 Ottawa Jazz Festival 1 February 2012
Craig Pedersen, Hands-on musician 27 November 2011
Renée Yoxon: Two years of Monday late-night jazz 7 November 2011
Ottawa Jazz Orchestra's Rick Rangno talks about arranging "Monk, Miles and Mingus go to Town" 25 March 2011
Jesse Stewart talks about the link between art and sound 21 January 2011
A CD for Christmas: A Very Ayler Christmas 13 December 2010
Marc Decho debuts his new bass 13 December 2010
Linsey Wellman: a jazz improviser explains how he constructed his CD 16 November 2010
Renée Yoxon and René Gely talk about making 'Let's Call It a Day' CD 28 September 2010
Renée Yoxon: "a jazz aesthetic is what you make of it" 21 April 2010
Richard Page: Ottawa has an incredible appreciation for original music 21 April 2010
A look and listen inside Theo Bleckmann's masterclass with Renée Yoxon 6 April 2010