©2015 Brett Delmage
©2015 Brett Delmage

Ottawa composer Rob Frayne isn't afraid to push for the stars with his Dream Band. Over the last three years, he's showcased several editions of the band — some larger, some smaller, and with different musicians from Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal.

But what's stayed the same is the nature of Frayne's music, although he's continued to add new compositions and new arrangements. It's complex and multi-layered, with weaving horns which can be dreamy at one moment and full-out the next, complemented with a different kind of rhythm section - uniquely his.

On Friday, Frayne presents his latest edition of the Dream Band, this time an octet ("The Dream Combo"), at the NAC Fourth Stage. And this time he'll be playing saxophone in the band.

OttawaJazzScene.ca's Brett Delmage recorded the Dream BigBand's last show in April, which filled the Westboro Legion.

Here's an excerpt from that show, showing off its transcendent music, and featuring some of the musicians who will also appear in Friday's show.

    – Alayne McGregor with Brett Delmage

Updated 2015-09-10 to correct the group's name for the September 11 performance.

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