The dancers came out for Standing Room Only's first tea dance in Ottawa on Sunday afternoon. In fact, there were so many in the audience that the Pantry, which was selling pots of tea and sweets to thirsty dancers, temporarily ran out of china tea cups and had to hurriedly find more.

©2016 Brett Delmage
©2016 Brett Delmage

The big band is in its 10th year of running regular tea dances every winter at the Old Almonte Town Hall, but this was its first foray into Ottawa. Several dancers told that they liked the slightly larger dance floor in Scotton Hall at the Glebe Community Centre, and its good acoustics. Many dancers dressed up for the event, with sparkling dresses and shoes on the women and men in dark suits and blindingly white shirtfronts.

With only 13 members plus veteran singer Pauline Proulx, the band was slightly down from its regular strength. They played their standard big band repertoire, with numbers made famous by Frank Sinatra and Duke Ellington plus some Latin numbers and the occasional foray into the 50s.

At the end of this inaugural event, both dancers and musicians said they hoped that SRO would hold another dance at the Glebe Community Centre. The band will hold its next big band dance in Almonte this Sunday, January 24, from 1 to 4 p.m.

    – Alayne McGregor

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