In January 2015, improvising saxophonist Linsey Wellman invited listeners to participate in the live recording of his bilingual, solo CD, Manifesto. On January 27, the one-year anniversary of the recording, he invited listeners back to DAÏMÔN in Gatineau for its release. The event, which included a 35-minute solo saxophone performance, marked the official start of his CD release tour. attended the event, where Wellman talked to us on-camera about his philosophy, the development of his music since his first solo saxophone CD, Ephemera, and his relationship with listeners and live performance. Our video story also includes excerpts from the performance.

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    – Brett Delmage

The Manifesto CD release tour

  • Montréal – 31 janvier/January (185 Van Horne)
  • Guelph – 4 février/February (Silence)
  • Toronto – 5 février/February (The Music Gallery – emergents)
  • Hamilton – 6 février/February (HAVN – Zula presents)

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