Saturday (April 21, 2018) is Record Store Day, a day which celebrates the culture of independent record stores. To mark it, interviewed John Thompson, the owner of The Record Centre in Ottawa. His store's core business is vintage vinyl and audio equipment, but he's expanded beyond that into supporting Ottawa's live music scene.

John Thompson ©Brett Delmage, 2016
John Thompson with part of his extensive jazz stock at The Record Centre ©Brett Delmage, 2016

John Thompson is always on the hunt for great music.

For decades, he's been collecting and selling used vinyl – making a living doing exactly he loves and not having a "real job" – with jazz records a good part of his stock.

But more recently, he's expanded into current music – hosting live shows by local and touring musicians, and running his own record label.

Since 2014, Thompson's Record Centre store in Hintonburg has become a place for local musicians, including many jazz groups, to showcase their projects. The store has hosted more than 300 shows in the last four years. Some live-off-the-floor recordings at the store have been released on the store's own Record Centre record label.

One of the biggest live music events at the store was all jazz: 24 groups in 24 hours at the Jazz Ramble in 2016. Thompson said the store will be repeating that event next month: hosting a second Jazz Ramble in conjunction with the Ottawa Jazz Festival. The 2018 ramble will run from 10 a.m. on Friday, May 25 to 10 a.m. on Saturday, May 26.

The store has a large jazz collection, reflecting Thompson's own love of jazz. On a recent visit, he showed off many recent jazz acquisitions on vinyl – from Dave Brubeck to Roland Raahsan Kirk to Sun Ra, with some highly uncommon treasures.

I could see the pleasure in his face as he rifled through the albums. That's because he's a huge collector himself, with 20,000 records in his own collection, accumulated over many years. He describes himself as "obsessed with records."

"For instance, I love original mono Blue Notes. I just love them. It could be almost anything, and they're always engineered by Rudy Von Gelder, and there's just something about them. They just sound so good."

When I sat down with Thompson this week in the basement of the Record Centre, surrounded by thousands of neatly-stacked LPs, I learned more about

  • collecting used vinyl (and the pleasure of the hunt)
  • how Thompson moved from selling on eBay to his own store
  • his alternative to the "condescending, know-it-all, super-cool" record store attitude
  • the role of live music shows in the store
  • how he ensures that all bands who play in the store get paid
  • how he keeps the store safe and family-friendly
  • his Record Centre record label and the jazz records he's so far released on it
  • his show recordings on tape
  • why the present day is a great time for vinyl collectors
  • his plans for Record Store Day, including several special jazz releases

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