The Beeched Wailer perform in their opening set at their 5th anniversary jam. ©Brett Delmage, 2019
The Beeched Wailers performtheir opening set at their 5th anniversary jam. l-r: Michel Delage, Nick Dyson, Keith Hartshorn-Walton, Tyler Harris, Alex Tompkins
© Brett Delmage, 2019

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The Beeched Wailers celebrated their 5th anniversary, as a group and of presenting open jazz jams, at Irene's Pub on March 5.

They presented their first show at the Rochester Pub in 2014, moved to the Wellington Eatery in 2015 when the Rochester closed, then went to Bar Robo – and finally ended up at Irene's Pub almost two years ago, where they've been happily playing ever since. As saxophonist Tyler Harris says in our podcast interview, "it's been a bit of a travelling circus".

The Wailers released their first album, The Johnson Lake Sessions, in 2015. They also regularly perform music by other local jazz composers.

Listen to the interview with Nicholas Dyson (Beeched Wailers leader / founder / trumpeter) and founding member / saxophonist Tyler Harris about their experiences in the past five years. Thgere may be a delay while the audio loads. Download

The Beeched Wailers open jazz jams continue every Tuesday at Irene's Pub from 9  p.m. to midnight. The band plays one opening set then opens the floor to jammers. All are welcome. Donations are appreciated.

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