©Brett Delmage, 2019
John Hayson, Rick Moxley, and Bert Waslander perform in their final show at the Arrow & Loon on June 2 ©Brett Delmage, 2019

The Glebop Jazz Trio has found a new location in the Glebe for its monthly jazz series – just in time!

Next Sunday, September 8, will be the trio's first show at Pints and Quarts Public House, a Bank Street pub. Glebop trumpeter John Haysom said they'll open with vocalist Karen Oxorn, a frequent guest with the trio, for a show of jazz standards including a special topical version of “Our Love is Here to Stay”.

For 16 years, the trio performed at the Arrow & Loon restaurant in the Glebe. But that location is now gone, closed this summer and about to be demolished because of Minto's complete reconstruction of 99 Fifth Avenue. The trio played their final, and 16th anniversary, show there on June 2, with many of the vocalists and instrumentalists they'd shared the stage with over the years. It attracted a capacity audience.

Immediately afterwards, the trio – Haysom, pianist Bert Waslander, and bassist Howard Tweddle, plus manager Odile Waslander – started looking for a new location.

“[We] started talking to various pubs – the Waslanders and I concentrated on ones in the Glebe. We talked to a number of them, and none of them actually said 'No'. But last week, none of them had actually said 'Yes', either, so it was all sort of pending.”

“I happened to be walking down Bank Street one day last week, and ran into Ian Boyd, who runs Compact Music. He asked me if I was still playing, and I told him what had happened at the Arrow & Loon. And he said, 'You should talk to the new owners at Pints and Quarts [a few doors down from Compact Music]. I'm sure they'd be interested in some Sunday jazz!' ”

“So within about an hour we had a new gig!”

Haysom said he talked to one of the two owners, “and he was very positive right from the get-go”. He went home and put together more information, talked to both owners, and they said, “Let's do it!”

He said he was feeling very happy now that he knew the series would continue. “I'd better work on my chops!”

The new location is “a bit more pub-ish and less restaurant-ish” than the Arrow and Loon, Haysom said. The trio will be playing at the east end of the pub, farthest away from Bank Street. The owners will rearrange the pub to improve the sightlines for listeners.

He said he hoped for a good turnout on September 8, “and as long as that keeps up, the gig will keep up.” The trio will continue its format of a monthly vocal jazz series, normally on the first Sunday of the month, from September to June. Deborah Clarke will join the trio likely in October, Helen Glover wants to return, and Floyd Hutchinson “is anxious to come back”, Haysom said. He is currently arranging the rest of the series.

The Arrow & Loon had hoped to reopen elsewhere. Haysom said he had talked to the restaurant's owner, Jacob Samaha, last week, and he still hadn't found a viable new location.

The Glebop Jazz Trio resumes its monthly Jazz Vocal series on Sunday, September 8, from 6 to 8 p.m., with guest vocalist Karen Oxorn. The series is now running at Pints and Quarts Public House, 779 Bank Street (on the east side of Bank, between Second and Third Avenues). There's no cover charge. Reservations are recommended at 613-235-2624. The pub is easily accessible by bicycle, and is served by OC Transpo routes 6 and 7. Try the OC Transpo Trip Planner to find your trip to this show!

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