The Ottawa Jazz Orchestra (OJO) has postponed its remaining two shows planned for this year (Cuban Fire and Congo Square) until next season, and will replace them with smaller concerts scheduled for March 4 and May 6. The location and music are yet to be announced.

OJO artistic director Adrian Cho said this change was due to the poor turnout at the orchestra's December concert: Rossini Reloaded, a jazz interpretation of classical/opera music including operatic arias. That concert was held at the Shenkman Arts Centre in Orleans.

He said the OJO is currently looking for a more appropriate venue for the next two concerts: the acoustics in Dominion Chalmers United Church, for example, "don't work well with a lot of brass and percussion". He said the OJO "attempted to move to the Shenkman Arts Centre but three events at that venue have yielded the three lowest attendances since we began performing in 2005."

The Shenkman Centre has only scheduled seven jazz-related concerts in the last two years, all of those groups on tour, such as The Sultans of String or The Lost Fingers. asked Adrian when he expected to announce the new concerts, and what he thought led to the low turnout for the Rossini Reloaded concert, but had not heard back from him at press time.