At, we've been hearing both concern and confusion about new priority rules for the indoor concerts at this year's Ottawa Jazz Festival.

This, of course, has become more important to more fans because of the shift in main-stage and OLG late-night programming to have a greater percentage of "popular" programming.

Last month, the Festival announced that the priority for the indoor shows at the Fourth Stage and Studio Series, as well as the tent for the OLG Late Night Stage, would be:

  • single-ticket holders first
  • then Gold Pass holders (provided they arrived at least 15 minutes in advance)
  • then Bronze and Student Pass holders (provided they arrived at least 15 minutes in advance)

As well, if there are several concerts in the same venue, audiences will be asked to clear the venue after each show, and to requeue for the next show in order of priority. That probably means at the back of the line for the following show.

Then we got a clarification last week in an email from the Festival.

Gold Pass holders now have the option of requesting tickets for the back to back shows featured in the Studio Series, to ensure they get in. The tickets will be non-transferable and only usable with a Gold Pass. The four shows are:

  • Joshua Redman and Brad Mehldau
  • Christian McBride and Inside Straight
  • Vijay Iyer
  • Apex: Rudresh Mahanthappa and Bunky Green

The Gold pass holders must contact Michelle Francis in the Jazz Festival Office by June 17 in order to select tickets – and they still must be lined up at least 10 minutes in advance for each show.

It certainly was much simpler when the popular jazz acts were in Confederation Park.