The Ottawa Jazz Festival has announced its fall/winter series of jazz concerts:

  1. October 5: Cory Weeds Quintet with Jim Rotondi (Vancouver)
  2. October 27: Rory Magill - Rake-Star Project (local)
  3. November 16 - Pierre-Yves Martel and Quartetski Does Satie (Montreal)
  4. December 1 - Médéric Collignon (France)
  5. December 8 - Festival benefit concert and auction with Sophie Milman (Toronto)
  6. March 1- Béla Fleck & his Africa Project: Collaborations with Amazing African Musicians
  7. March 8 - Eric Vloeimans (the Netherlands)

Concerts 1-4 and 7 will be held at the National Arts Centre Fourth Stage. Those concerts are $22 (adult) or $15 (student). Package deals are available: $100 for 5 shows, $80 for 4 shows, $64 for 3 shows. Tickets are available at:

  • the NAC box office (for NAC Fourth Stage shows)
  • Compact Music
  • CD Warehouse
  • Rob's Music in Westboro
  • Ticketmaster
  • Ottawa Jazz Festival

The Festival benefit concert will be at Library and Archives Canada. The Béla Fleck concert will be at Dominion Chalmers Church. Tickets for those shows are $50.

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