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The Craig Pedersen Quartet CD Release Concert is on this Tuesday (November 29) at Club SAW.

The Craig Pedersen Quartet Days like This CD release interview

One of my early introductions to Craig Pedersen and his music was his Master of Music (M.Mus.) graduating recital in April 2010. It was a performance combination of classical trumpet, trumpet with laptop (both played by him), and a marching band that took everyone by surprise as it marched through the audience up the aisle to the stage to perform. Pedersen's recital demonstrated his open approach to music, willingness to take musical risks, and ability to engage audiences.

Since then, I've had the opportunity to hear (and photograph) Pedersen play with his quartet and other musicians in a variety of Ottawa-Gatineau venues, and to hear his compositions, musicianship, and improvisation develop. More recently, I witnessed Craig Pedersen's Quartet open for the Ottawa Jazz Festival's presentation of the Jerry Granelli Trio, tightly and in fine form. They were very warmly received.

Craig Pedersen at Le Petit Chicago. photo ©Brett Delmage, 2010
Craig Pedersen at Le Petit Chicago. photo ©Brett Delmage, 2010

Having witnessed the development of his music and his musicianship for almost two years in live performances, I looked forward to interviewing him about his latest significant achievement: the completion and release of the Craig Pedersen Quartet's new CD, Days like Today. We talked one week before his CD release.

Pedersen spoke frankly during our interview, sharing his resolute musical ideas and approaches both in the broad sense and as developed on this album, how he persisted in mastering the trumpet, and how he desires to communicate with listeners (and wants them to relate to him). What really appealed to me was Pedersen's stated goal to deliver a total artistic work around Days like Today and his hands-on commitment to make that happen.

I hope you will enjoy our discussion as much as I did. Pedersen had a lot to say. We were hard-pressed to edit much of it away, and so we ended up with a substantial piece! In addition to providing the complete interview in one track, we have broken it up into smaller, cohesive sections. We have also provided a written transcript of it in addition to the recorded audio MP3 files.

Pedersen encourages listeners to hear his CD in recorded order to fully appreciate his carefully crafted narrative. Similarly, I encourage you to listen to him in his own voice in the podcast. Only that way will you fully appreciate his enthusiasm and other feelings about his fourth-born, his fellow musicians on this CD, the music industry, and the Ottawa-Gatineau scene.

     – Brett Delmage

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