The Stretch Orchestra, which includes Ottawa's Jesse Stewart on drums, as well as Matt Brubeck on cello and Kevin Breit on guitar, has been nominated for a Juno Award. The 2012 Juno nominations, announced today, include their eponymously-named Stretch Orchestra in the Instrumental Album of the Year category. (The remainder of the albums in that category are best described as highly diverse.)

The Orchestra appeared several times in Ottawa in 2011: at the Ottawa Chamberfest, for a masterclass at Carleton University, and at a house concert. You can also read some of our coverage of Jesse Stewart's other work in 2011: at the National Gallery, his "Time Pieces" exhibit, and playing at the Remic Rapids.

The Juno nominees in the three jazz categories were primarily from Toronto and Montreal (and none from Ottawa); many of them, such as David Braid, Kirk MacDonald, Fern Lindzon, Sophie Milman, Oliver Jones, and Francois Bourassa, have visited Ottawa in the last year. Nominee Phil Dwyer will be appearing with John Geggie at the NAC Fourth Stage next week.

The Juno Awards will be held in Ottawa from March 26 to April 1.