The good news: the Ottawa Jazz Festival started selling 2012 passes this week, as well as tickets for some of its already-announced concerts. The bad news: the inflation fairy has struck again.

Pass prices have increased more than 5% over 2011, with the largest increase being for the Bronze pass, up from $160 to $175 (an almost-10% increase). Gold Passes are now $299. Youth passes are up marginally in price, but are no longer restricted to students.

Individual day ticket prices have actually decreased, however: last year they were $58; this year they are $49 for all days except June 26 (which is $55). The Youth day ticket remains at $35.

OLG late-night concert prices have decreased from $24 last year to $20 this year.

Studio series tickets remain at $30. Improv Invitational tickets have increased from $18 (with further quantity discounts) last year to $25 this year.

Late-night jam session admission remains at $10.

Prices include HST.


  • Gold pass: $299 (5.8% increase)
  • Bronze pass $175 (9.4% increase)
  • Youth Pass: $79 (5.3% increase)
  • Platinum seating: $79 per night (7.6% increase)


  • Gold pass: $282.50
  • Bronze pass $160
  • Student pass: $75
  • Platinum seating: $73.45 per night


  • Gold pass $250
  • Bronze pass $140
  • Student pass: $65
  • Platinum seating: $65 per night

The priority for getting a seat for an indoor concert remains: Single Ticket, Gold, and then Bronze Pass holders.

In 2011, the festival recorded a surplus of $162,419.

Watch for further news about the 2012 Ottawa Jazz Festival, leading up to and during this year's festival.

    – Alayne McGregor

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