Do the rainclouds hate the Ottawa Jazz Festival?

Another rainy day at the Ottawa Jazz Festival
Another rainy day at the Ottawa Jazz Festival

Just before Michael Kaeshammer stepped on stage for his Canada Day concert, the skies opened for a nasty, pounding - if short - thunderstorm which soaked the park and his audience.

But only 4km to the west, there was no rain at all. It was perfectly dry.

The same phenomenon was reported on Sunday: fierce rain in the park, nothing just a few kilometres westward.

It's not unknown in Ottawa to have very localized bad weather — but it does seem unlucky that Confederation Park should keep getting targeted. Fortunately, jazz festival goers are generally able to endure a bit of rain for some good music. The new OLG Stage and tent, the National Library, the NAC Studio and Fourth Stage have presented excellent music under cover.

Be sure to vote in our poll about how you deal with the rain.

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