Monday night's jazz concert will be a first for Mike Tremblay.

While the Ottawa sax player has had an extensive email correspondence with Toronto sax player Mike Murley, and even passed students along to him, they've never played together.

"He's one of my favourite players for my whole life. We've known about each other for years and years, but never had a chance to meet or play. I figured it was time: just do it."

Mike Tremblay (sax) and Mark Ferguson
Mike Tremblay (sax) and Mark Ferguson will play together on Monday July 6

So, with Murley in Ottawa for the jazz festival Friday and a student clinic on Sunday, it was a perfect opportunity to ask him to take part in the special concert associated with the Ottawa Saxophone Camp.

Murley's DMBQ bandmate, Ian Froman, will be on drums, along with respected Ottawa players Mark Ferguson (piano) and John Geggie (bass).

Murley and Tremblay are each picking half the numbers. Tremblay and Ferguson will do two pieces from their new CD, "Home", while Murley will do a couple of trio tunes with Froman and Geggie.

Tremblay and Murley will play one tune together: "just two saxophones, nothing else".

The concert will open with two selections by "Quartet #1", the top four players (based on auditions) from the 45 students at the Ottawa Saxophone Camp. "They will get their music [Saturday], they have two days to prepare it, and they will open the concert."

The concert will be held at Trinity United Church in Ottawa's near west end. See our event listing for details.

  — Alayne McGregor