“Community supported!”

This joyful proclamation was added to the top of the OttawaJazzScene.ca website banner in July 2012, during our first-ever campaign to help raise funds required to keep OttawaJazzScene.ca operating. The new website banner honours the essential role that you, our readers, have in not only engaging with our stories and listings, but making them possible through your monetary donations.

Thank you!

OttawaJazzScene.ca's operating expenses had been paid out-of-pocket by publisher Brett Delmage since we launched in July 2009, and could no longer be personally sustained. We appealed to you to help pay the costs of informing you and other listeners about our world-class Ottawa-Gatineau jazz and improvised music scene. We also wanted to give everyone some ownership and an opportunity to be a part of The Scene.

It's always hard to start from nothing so we're very grateful to our first donors, below.

Our Charter Supporters! Mark & Marilee Alcorn, Tim Bedner & Elise Letourneau, Stephen Berndt, Brian Browne, Michele Castonguay, Marylise Chauvette, Adrian Cho, Cindy Deachman, Francois Dumaine, Ian Duncan, Wayne Eagles, Roddy Ellias, Jacques Émond, Mark Ferguson, Chris Fleming, Robert Fontaine, Mark Fraser, Shine Foundation, Normand Glaude, Helen Glover, Robert Godin, Philip Gosewich, Wayne Haneman, John Haysom, Keith Hobbs, Laura Hutchinson, Anne Jolicoeur, Andrew Kavchak, Jack Kelly, Greg Klowak, Brady Leafloor, Pete Liu, Nicholas Maclean, Adrian Matte, Kate McGregor, Mark Miller, Sander Mommers, Karen Oxorn, Richard Page, Barry Paulson, Craig Pedersen, Nancy Preston, Rick Rangno, Ed Ratushny, Dale Robertson, Marcia Rodriguez, Lois Siegel, Charles Spratt, Mike Steinberg, Jesse Stewart, Bernard Stepien, Ron Sweetman, Gordon Tapp, John Thompson, Riek van den Berg, Tom Waddell, Anna Williams, John & Linda Wilson, Renée Yoxon, ZenKitchen, Anonymous, Anonymous.

Our Jazz Scene Builders! Rachel Beausoleil, Sandra Clarke, Caridad Cruz, Raymond Charles Doré, Garry Elliott, Bradley Evans, Martin Freeman, René Gely, David Glover, Glen Gower, Pierre Hughes, Preston Jennings, Kim Kaskiw, Joel Kerr, Jonathan Langsner, The Lapadeto Quartet, Len Leclair, Michel Loiselle, Gord MacGray, Doug Martin, James Mattson, Tom McMahon, Diane Monette, Pierre Monfils, Owen Munn, Ko Nakamura, Davina Pearl, Rick Pearlman, Nicole Ratté, Vince Rimbach, Marc Routhier, Rick Smith Metcalfe Music Entertainment, Liz Sykes, James Taylor, Chris Thompson, Mike Tremblay, Gaby Warren, Linsey Wellman, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous

We would particularly like to thank our readers who took time throughout the year to email us their observations and constructive comments about an interview, story, video or photo we published. One of your emails buoyed us more than seeing an anonymous count of a hundred new readers for one of our stories. And if your email was about a story you weren't personally involved in, it almost certainly made our day. Merci beaucoup.

With your support we look forward to another exciting year of publishing artist profiles, reviews, news and interviews, videos, event listings, photos, free ticket giveaways and more in 2013. Happy New Year!

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