The attentive and uncommonly quiet audience at Café Paradiso Saturday night was having such a hoppin' good time that they demanded an encore – and what they got was a beautiful tune and a story.

It turns out that Ottawa multi-instrumentalist René Gely saw Egberto Gismonti in Paris in 1994, and was haunted afterwards by the unnamed piano piece Gismonti played as his encore. Gely could never find the piece again -- until he asked Brazilian guitar player (and temporary Ottawa resident) Evandro Gracelli for some lesser-known Brazilian music.

One of the pieces Gracelli lent him was the Gismonti piece – except played on harmonica. Gely used that to recreate it on piano, and the trio played it on piano, guitar, and percussion as their encore Saturday. Their rendition was beautiful, graceful, and haunting, and the audience loved it.
– Alayne McGregor

photos © 2010 Brett Delmage
Rene Gely, Evandro Gracelli, and the members of Florquestra Brasil play at Cafe Paradiso March 20, 2010. © 2010 Brett Delmage
René Gely on the melodeon is joined by Evandro Gracelli and members of Florquestra Brasil

Rene Gely, Evandro Gracelli, and Rob Graves play at Cafe Paradiso March 20, 2010. © 2010 Brett Delmage
René Gely, Evandro Gracelli, Rob Graves played to the totally quiet attention of a nearly full stage-side of Café Paradiso