The Titanium Trio at IMOO in January, 2012. ©Brett Delmage, 2012
The Titanium Trio at IMOO in January, 2012. ©Brett Delmage, 2012

Updated September 23, 2013

The second annual IMOOfest will be held this year from November 8 to 10. Ottawa's premiere festival of improvised and avant-garde music will be held in a new location: GigSpace (on Gladstone Avenue near Little Italy).

Headlining artists so far announced include

  • the IMOO Chamber Orchestra, and
  • Jean Martin & Christine Duncan
  • Accordion Conspiracy (with Bernard Stepien and David Broscoe)
  • Ellwood Epps and Joshua Zubot’s “Land of Marigold”

The Titanium Riot is no longer scheduled to appear.

The concert will also mark the release of the third IMOO CD: Other People’s Art, featuring Craig Pedersen, David Broscoe, Mark Molnar, and Scott Warren. They will play original compositions inspired by Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, and John Cage.

IMOO is also looking for volunteers to help put on the festival, and for donations. More info at .

The first IMOOfest in October 2012 attracted good crowds to hear local and imported jazz improvisers play a wide variety of free jazz, ranging from electronics, to an improvised orchestra, to Lori Freedman showing the amazing sounds one can coax out of clarinet and bass clarinet.

See's coverage of the 2012 IMOOfest and of the artists coming to IMOOfest 2013:

September 22: List of acts updated to include Land of Marigold and Accordion Conspiracy.
September 23: Removed references to the Titanium Riot, who will no longer appear.