Listeners at Avant-Garde on Friday April 9 were treated to Richard Page and Linsey Wellman playing Richard's original, hard-bop tunes with a variety of textures. With Richard playing tenor and soprano saxes, clarinet and flute, and Linsey playing soprano and alto saxes and flute, a paper spreadsheet had to be created to keep track of all the combinations. The Trio's regular drummer, Matt Aston, and bass player Philippe Charbonneau accompanied the two horn players. The music had the blend of rigour and spontaneity that only comes from group of people who enjoy playing with each other and have been doing so long enough to fit well together. Linsey Wellman' reliable exuberance and intense voice on his own instruments complemented Page's more restrained playing that evening.

Ottawa Jazz Scene photographer Brett Delmage caught all the combinations of instruments - or at least all the ones we think were played :-)

If you missed this show, there's lot's more opportunity  to catch the Richard Page Trio. They are now welcoming listeners and musical guests Tuesday nights at Avant-Garde. In April, they are also taking the spring chill away at Café Nostalgica on Wednesday nights.

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