Jazz or improvised music fans might want to check out a new festival featuring some of the best (non-classical) trumpeters in Canada. The Festival of New Trumpet Music will be held in Montreal a month from now, March 13 to 16.

The musicians featured include many who have played memorable concerts in Ottawa-Gatineau:

  • Jim Lewis
  • Nicole Rampersaud
  • Ellwood Epps
  • Jacques Kuba S├ęguin
  • Lina Allemano
  • Bill Mahar
  • Brad Turner
  • Craig Pedersen

as well as some who haven't made it here often: Jon Challenor, Nigel Taylor, and David Buchbinder. And that's only the trumpeters: they're playing in groups that include fine Montreal, Ottawa, New Brunswick, and Toronto jazz musicians.

We know from the continued success of Nick Dyson's Trumpet Bootcamp and its concerts that there's a lot of trumpet players and fans in Ottawa who might be interested in this. You can find out more about the festival on its website.

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