On Rabble Without a Cause tonight (April 6) (CKCU 93.1FM, 11 p.m.), Bernard Stepien will be previewing Sunday's concert with British saxophonist Evan Parker, Toronto drummer Martin, and Ottawa double bassist John Geggie – all known for their jazz improvisation.

"For the avant-garde Jazz aficionados, this week will look like an all hands on deck scenario. Evan Parker, one of the celebrated high-priests of European Free Jazz will be in Town (April 10th at Club Saw). The second noteworthy fact about this concert is that John Geggie will be involved. Geggie has already made some moves to show that he has a deep interest in the new music with several concerts, one of the most staggering being his association with pianist Mailyn Crispell. Although some may think that Geggie is more into Cool Free Jazz, a form devoid of any radicalism, this concert should prove that radicalism is not the essential element of Free Jazz. The Evan Parker House Full Of Floors CD that we will present tonight illustrates that Evan Parker seeks similar esthetical forms. In any case, this concert should reinforce the international stature of Ottawan John Geggie. A comparative study with Geggie's Across the Sky and Geggie Project will be attempted."