Mike Essoudry's Septet is featured  at Le Petit Chicago this month. Tonight, Monday December 20, is the last time you'll be able to hear them. 

Mike Essoudry discusses the music with Ryan Purchase. ©Brett Delmage, 2010
Mike Essoudry discusses the music with Ryan Purchase. ©Brett Delmage, 2010

Two weeks ago, this group came together for the first time to play some of the complex and very listenable tunes from Mike's CD, Passage, reworked for seven instruments. As we mentioned in Marc Decho debuts his new bass, you'll hear an interesting combination of less-frequently-heard instrumentation from this group, including Matt Ouimet on 'laptop steel' and Don Cummings on the Rhodes.

And at Le Petit Chicago, you will hear the music.  Jazz fans and musicians alike come to this club on Monday nights to actually listen. Distracting noise is almost always substantially lower than other Ottawa-Gatineau venues – some which charge substantially more. If you're running out of cash (and who isn't this time of year?) but still want to hear some great music, you can enjoy Mike Essoudry's Septet for the mere cost of a drink and tip. The service is excellent and friendly and there's ample room to stretch your legs.

Unfortunately, underage music fans can't enter at all, even if they abstain from alcohol.

If you haven't visited Le Petit Chicago, this might be your last chance to do so this year. Mike Essoudry's Septet is worth staying up past your usual bedtime for.

    – Brett Delmage

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1. Matt Ouimet and Don Cummings get the Rhodes back on the road with some scotch tape.
2. Don Cummings shows that there's a lot of music to play - and to listen to
3. Marc Decho and his new Thunderchief bass
4. Matt Ouimet plays the laptop steel
5. Craig Pedersen solo
6. Mike Essoudry announces the next tune, Mashers-style
7. Matt Ouimet plays a more traditional instrument
8. The reeds and brass front line
9. Don Cummings is back on the revived Fender Rhodes
10. Attention to a solo
11. Mike Essoudry discusses the music with Ryan Purchase
12. Ryan's turn
13. Zak's turn
14. All together

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