A full and attentive house at the Shanghai Restaurant on Friday, June 15, heard Peter Liu and Floyd Hutchinson present their first formal performance as a duo. Backed by a trio of experienced Ottawa jazz musicians who not only knew but clearly loved the music, the two vocalists alternated songs, as well as performing two duets in each of the three sets.

The singers may have described "Summertime" as a chestnut, but they gave it a modern, rhythmic rendition, almost talking the lyrics in some places. Also notable were their bluesy rendition of their closing duet, "'Round Midnight", Liu's swinging "Don't Get Around Much Anymore", and Hutchinson's heartfelt "Come Love". Tom Denison's melodic bass solos, Art Lawless's sparkling and sensitive piano, and Glenn Robb's careful touch on drums accented the music.

And at the end, Hutchinson announced "Boys Night Out - accomplished!" and Liu added, "We graduated!"

    – Alayne McGregor

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