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  • $20.50 buys bus tickets at the least expensive OC Transpo rate (weekends only) so we can get to two shows to report about them
  • $75 pays for the research, compilation, and editing of one-half the event listings in one comprehensive weekly Jazz Bulletin
  • $101 pays for hosting our original Inside the Scene video stories for one year on Vimeo
  • $55 pays for the research for an important news story that nobody else is reporting
  • $110 pays for one-quarter of the research, transcription, and writing of an interview or story about a local or Canadian jazz musician or project that the public wouldn’t otherwise learn about in-depth or at all
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  • $14 pays for the domain name registration for “” for one year so we have an address on the Internet where the public can discover jazz in Ottawa-Gatineau
  • $80 pays for the production (recording), and editing of one minute of a published, award-nominated Inside the Scene video story that raises the profile of young jazz musicians and our local scene to an international audience
  • $75 pays for software tool rental (Adobe Creative Suite) required to edit and produce high quality video stories, podcasts, scene photos, article infographics, and in-person promotional handouts for one month
  • $150 pays for research, writing and photos for 10 days of each popular monthly live jazz highlights story that gets people excited about upcoming shows
  • $7 buys one notepad and a pen ink cartridge refill to accurately record interviews and observations for reviews (5 sets required each season)
  • $90 pays for one hard disk drive for storing or backing up irreplaceable written stories, website video, interviews, and photos. Disks and backup disks fail – sadly, we encountered this last season.
  • $2 pays for new ball bearings for the wheels in the bicycle trailer that we often transport video and audio recording equipment to events in, saving transportation costs
  • $200 pays for travel to and complete and colorful reporting of one-third of a long, music-filled day of Merrickville's Jazz Fest
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  • You'll feel great all season for supporting the arts in Ottawa-Gatineau by helping promote, and connect more listeners with, a visible and vibrant live jazz and improvised music scene!
  • $20 to $542017-18 Jazz Scene Contributor
  • You'll receive our friendly, informative, and full-featured weekly newsletter for the 2017-18 season, keeping you up to date on what's on in jazz and improvised music in Ottawa-Gatineau
  • You'll be applauded on our permanent public list of donors (unless you prefer to give anonymously)
  • We'll regularly seek your input on what musicians, shows and events you'd like to discover at
  • $55 to $872017-18 Jazz Scene Insider
  • Get all the benefits of Jazz Scene Contributor and...
  • You'll receive behind-the-scenes updates from's editors, including advance notice of new high-profile concerts as soon as we know about them, in time to get the best seats available.
  • You'll be the first to get access to our monthly jazz highlights stories of what's interesting in jazz locally, and we'll send you links to the ticket pages for events mentioned in the story.
  • $88 to $1092017-18 Jazz Scene Lover
  • Get all the benefits of Jazz Scene Insider and...
  • You'll be recognized in one of our popular jazz highlights stories as one of the readers who provided funding that made reporting of this story possible (unless you prefer to give anonymously).
  • $110 to $1492017-18 Jazz Scene Spotlight
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  • Be recognized for your direct support for's independent reporting, as the co-sponsor of an article on after it is published. It can be a news story, interview, or review, in written, audio, or video form. Show how you personally have supported original jazz journalism. Or sponsor a published interview with your favourite musician. We will contact you to arrange details. (Please note: The story can't be about you, or a story you have a personal stake in. We follow conflict-of-interest guidelines to ensure that readers can always trust our content.)
  • $150 to $1992017-18 Jazz Scene Leading Note
  • Get all the benefits of Jazz Scene Lover and...
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