Congratulations to Chris Fleming, who won the pair of tickets to hear the double-bill Juno-winning Stretch Orchestra, with Matt Brubeck, Kevin Breit and Jesse Stewart, and also Jaron Freeman-Fox and The Opposite Of Everything on Thursday, May 7 at 7:30 p.m. at the NAC Fourth Stage. Ontario Scene generously donated these tickets.

The skill testing question, "Name a musician you are looking forward to hearing in this performance and briefly tell us why. Spelling counts!" received a wide variety of interesting personal answers. Here are a few of them:

"Kevin Breit. He is a great guitarist, and I have seen him before. He is constantly evolving!"

"Jaron Freeman-Fox is who I look forward most, because he plays the very unique 5 string violin, in the tradition of his late mentor Oliver Schroer"

"Actually I'm interested to hear them all! I've heard Stretch Orchestra before and loved them. I love their quirky instrumentation. I LOVE the cello. It's great to hear Matt Brubeck use it in a different, unique way other than just classical orchestral music. And I'm looking forward to hearing Jason Freeman-Fox because I associate fiddle with Maritimes and then to hear it paired with Indian music - which is so unique..."

Helpful information to answer this skill-testing question could be found on the NAC website where you can also find out more about the concert and purchase tickets.

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Thanks to all the participants.

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